• See why our customers
    love their CRM


    Industry: Technology

    United States

  • See why our customers
    love their CRM

    Iron Horse Brewery

    Industry: Brewing

    United States

  • See why our customers
    love their CRM


    Industry: Technology

    United States

  • See why our customers
    love their CRM

    Warwick Mills

    Industry: Manufacturing (Protective Materials)

    United States

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Case Studies

  • Acumen learning Read the
    case study

    “If you believe that the most
    powerful CRM is the one that
    your users will actually use,
    then Insightly is your next CRM.”

  • AR&L Read the
    case study

    “Insightly helped to launch our business and we love that it is a cheaper option than Salesforce. Overall, it was easy to implement and enjoyable to use.”

  • Beca.org Read the
    case study

    “Insightly makes it easy for
    our small staff to track hundreds
    of students and make sure no one
    falls through the cracks.”

  • Blue Lake Off-Road Read the
    case study

    “Prior to Insightly there was
    about a 10% chance of a
    prospect becoming a customer.
    With Insightly, we can easily
    follow up so conversion
    is now closer to 25%.”

  • Bright Hill Group Read the
    case study

    “Our goal was to turn our
    communication into a healthy
    sales pipeline, and Insightly
    has helped us do that.”

  • British-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Read the
    case study

    “Insightly took us out of the old school into the new school. We now have an easy-to-use CRM solution that beats our previous pen-and-paper or Excel spreadsheet process.”

  • CariadMarketing Read the
    case study

    “For us, Insightly is by far the best, most simple, yet sophisticated CRM solution. I’d recommend Insightly to SMEs that want a streamlined system.”

  • centercode Read the
    case study

    “Insightly has become a strategic asset to our sales process, and we use just about every feature its team makes available.”

  • College Chefs Read the
    case study

    “Insightly is well worth the
    money we pay for it!”

  • Farm Radio International Read the
    case study

    “Keeping track of 50
    opportunities across six African
    countries would have been
    impossible without Insightly.”

  • Firefly Creative Writing Read the
    case study

    “I can’t even imagine
    running my business without
    Insightly activity sets.”

  • Flagler Palm Coast High School Read the
    case study

    “Insightly is very intuitive!
    My students jumped right in.
    Using Insightly is teaching
    them real world business
    etiquette and processes.”

  • Get Launched Read the
    case study

    “I have a lot to remember, so Insightly helps me organize all of my company's contacts and project information.”

  • GreenSpot Real Estate Read the
    case study

    “Insightly is the only CRM that lets me keep the personal touch that my clients deeply value.”

  • Green Virgin Products Read the
    case study

    “Insightly is an intuitive and
    user-friendly tool that has helped
    our company streamline
    back-end processes.”

  • HelperMonkeys Read the
    case study

    “Since implementing Insightly,
    business has expanded rapidly for
    HelperMonkeys — our sales team
    is 20 percent more effective and
    is noticeably producing
    more leads.”

  • Groovy Lights Read the
    case study

    “Insightly is somewhat addictive.
    Once you start using it you
    find new ways of making it
    more productive.”

  • HealthInsurancePlus Read the
    case study

    “Insightly is as easy to use as
    a filing cabinet or a paper clip
    – so easy, it’s Zen-like.”

  • inMotion Real Estate Media Read the
    case study

    “Insightly has given us a
    holistic view of sales and
    marketing activity”

  • Keller Williams Realty Read the
    case study

    “Insightly keeps me organized
    and does the job of an
    assistant, without requiring
    an assistant’s salary.”

  • LifeLine Response Read the
    case study

    “Our sales team began using it
    immediately without requiring
    outside training to manage
    the high volume intake of
    institutional customers.”

  • Liminality Read the
    case study

    “Insightly helps me to stay on
    top of the complexity of writing
    markets and keep productive
    as a writer.”

  • Moose Country Gear Read the
    case study

    “We use Insightly to manage contacts, manage opportunities and by doing so have increased our gross revenue 150%.”

  • Motivate Design Read the
    case study

    “Insightly keeps me more organized, especially when
    I’m out in the city interacting
    with lots of different people.”

  • New York State Assembly Read the
    case study

    “We’re able to manage all of the
    conversations and subsequent
    progress with all of our
    constituents through Insightly.”

  • Niseko Black Read the
    case study

    “When we communicate with a customer we look like experts because Insightly puts all this information at our fingertips.”

  • Peter Greeno Photography Read the
    case study

    “Since using Insightly,
    I have seen a substantial
    increase in sales.”

  • Phillips Financial Planning Read the
    case study

    “Insightly helps my business
    run like clockwork.”

  • reddit Read the
    case study

    “Insightly is an intuitive solution
    that keeps a running history of
    all customer conversations,
    so our sales team can easily
    manage every touchpoint
    with every customer.”

  • Revelation PR Read the
    case study

    “Insightly is an intuitive
    application that makes our
    business development
    processes more efficient.”

  • Sandler Training Read the
    case study

    “Our entire team is saving time
    that they can now spend helping
    our clients improve their
    sales techniques.”

  • Shuttle Cloud Read the
    case study

    “We tried the other CRM options,
    the big solutions aimed at
    big companies. Then we
    found Insightly.”

  • Solent Read the
    case study

    “With Insightly we have reduced our process to design and build a website by 20% and we have halved the number of meetings needed for team coordination.”

  • Summit Security Read the
    case study

    “Insightly is a user-friendly,
    affordable resource that has
    become a critical asset to
    the Summit Security
    operations team.”

  • Tax Assist Accountants Read the
    case study

    “With Insightly, we get an easy-to-use, fully integrated CRM and document management tool that users rely on every day.”

  • The Megawatt Hour Read the
    case study

    “Insightly lets us invest money
    in other aspects of our company,
    since we don’t have to spend
    our whole budget on sales
    administration and support.”

  • The School Collective Read the
    case study

    “Life is easier with Insightly.
    I have all the information that
    I need, when I need it.”

  • Social Impact Studios Read the
    case study

    “Insightly has helped us cut
    20 percent of organizational and
    management time from our day,
    which frees up our staff to
    spend more time working
    on their true tasks.”

  • Tisano Read the
    case study

    “Insightly helps us make sure
    we don’t miss a beat in following
    up on leads and fulfilling
    customer expectations.”

  • TRB Lightweight Structures Read the
    case study

    “Insightly has features that make
    it really powerful, yet the UI is
    simple enough that the system
    actually gets used.”

  • Simplifilm Read the
    case study

    “Insightly gives us the perfect combination of functionality and ease-of-use, and our employees have used it to bring in new revenue and get projects done 20 percent faster than before.”

  • Wealthcare for Women Read the
    case study

    “Insightly strikes a balance between providing a satisfying experience and functionality without all the fluff.”

  • Windermere Read the
    case study

    “Realtors need a good
    CRM to keep focused. I’ve
    found Insightly’s solution to
    be the best way to manage
    my real estate business.”

  • Woof and Brew Read the
    case study

    “Insightly helps make my life easier. As managing director, I know that my sales team is in control of its relationships with clients, and I can check in at any time, from anywhere, to get a clear look at our customer base.”

  • Yep Roc Read the
    case study

    “Insightly is easy to use and vital to Yep Roc because Insightly remembers the details the team needs to succeed.”