Seamlessly connect Insightly to popular online applications like
Google Calendar, Gmail, and Drive, Outlook 2013, MailChimp, and Evernote.

  • Insightly offers tight integration with Google Apps through our
    extremely popular Insightly gadget, seamless sync with Google
    Calendar and Google Contacts, and easy access to Google Drive.

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    Google Apps

  • Evernote fits right into your
    existing Insightly workflow,
    and you can easily link
    your Evernote items
    directly to an Insightly
    contact, organization,
    opportunity, or project.

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  • With our world famous Insightly
    gadget we created a seamless
    Gmail CRM connection to give
    you the best of both worlds. Now,
    you can save any email to
    Insightly in just one click – right
    from within the email message
    you can create a new task, an
    opportunity, an associated project
    or an event in Insightly.

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  • Users with paid Insightly
    accounts can sync Insightly
    events, tasks, and milestones
    into the Google Apps Calendar.

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    Google Calendar

  • Link all files stored in Google
    drive to your Insightly contacts,
    organizations, opportunities
    and projects.

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    Google Drive

  • Finally, email marketing for
    small businesses! INinbox makes
    marketing automation easy!


  • Need to send an email or create
    a drip campaign to 1000 of your
    closest "friends"? Try MailChimp!

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  • A large amount of customer
    communication takes place via
    email, and a lot of internal
    communication and collaboration
    happens with your CRM. So we
    created the Insightly for Outlook
    2013 app to give you the best
    of both worlds.

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    Outlook 2013

  • Create, track, and esign your docs
    all in one place with PandaDoc's
    stellar esignature application.
    Automate your workflow, discover
    what sells with built-in analytics,
    and get legally binding signatures
    in minutes.

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  • Sync Insightly contacts and
    organizations to Quote Roller.
    Make a great impression on your
    customers by creating polished,
    professional quotes in minutes!

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    Quote Roller

  • Use Torpio to plug Insightly to
    trigger actions in other cloud
    apps and services. Some cool
    things you can do with
    Insightly and Torpio – send
    SMS (text messages) through
    Twilio, create an invoice in
    Freshbooks or send a direct
    message on Twitter.


  • Zapier enables you to
    automate tasks between over
    250 online including Insightly,
    Quickbooks, Zendesk and
    more. For example, you can
    use Zapier to automatically add
    Insightly contacts whenever a
    new customer is added to your
    accounting system.


  • Work with Insightly.

    It’s an opportunity to expose
    your cloud application to over
    550,000 users worldwide!

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